Why the X10 is Better Than the Competition

  • Highest grade acid washed coconut shell carbon is utilized. Many competing filters use a less expensive bituminous (coal based) carbon.
  • The 12 inch long filter body contains up to twice as much bacteriostatic filter media (KDF®) as some other brands for longevity and maximum efficiency and performance.
  • The X10 garden hose Water Filter is uniquely constructed using 7 filter media.
  • 50 micron pre and post integrated sediment pads to minimize sediment and turbidity. Some brands use as high as 100 micron pads. (The lower the micron, the finer particle size it will stop)
  • The X10 Filter is made from a very durable UV resistant polypropylene making for a rugged filter (Less apt to be damaged by dropping or by other factors), in addition to excellent UV protection.
  • Extremely durable and rugged molded-in garden hose ends which maximize snug, leak free connections unlike flimsy nylon ends found in some other brands that cross thread and leak. Also, other inexpensive brands use what appear as durable brass connectors which actually can contain lead that can leach into the water.
  • Tightly packed filtration media which all but eliminates the potential of “channeling”. Channeling can occur when loosely packed filter media settles and allows the water passing through the filter to actually bypass the media altogether.
  • Protective end caps included for storage (store wet) when not in use. Unlike “carbon only” filters which actually promote bacteria growth within the filter itself, our filters prevent bacteria growth thanks to the KDF® media. Filter media should be kept moist (after initial use) when not used to allow the KDF® media to stay active and prevent bacteria build up.